Activation Key BCA

After a few days awaiting the arrival of Key BCA I have a message from Well, today ... finally, come tu key BCA.
Accompanied by Mr. Syafii we went to the BCA branch office on Jl. Dipenogoro-Medan. The process of making the card not too long and not have to queue up like when opening an account.

The first thing that prompted the / CS BCA is the account books and ID cards. After signing the form-making, then I was asked to enter key / my ATM PIN to validate the data (almost wrote one of the validation, the embak CSnya one input my account number, enter PIN pantesan 2 times wrong continues, piyuh .... Almost blocked ... hati2 dung ya: hehe:).
Well, That you will receive is:

Key BCA shaped like a small calculator-sized blue.
The envelope containing the PIN first Key BCA and slip containing the Activation Key Code BCA.
KEY BCA Okay then accepted what next?
Well, the next step is Changing the PIN, Activation Key BCA and Me-link her to the Account and Account Click the BCA. The process of replacing the PIN key BCA as follows:

Key Take your BCA
Turn Key BCA by pressing the red triangle logo.
If this is the BCA's Key you have just received (still the default), the display will show signs of as many as 6 units putus2 line. And the word "PIN" in the upper right corner.
Enter PIN Key BCA is in the secret envelope you received from BCA.
Screen will appear "NEWPIN" Then enter your new PIN (6 digits).
Will appear "PIN CONF" and enter your new PIN again earlier.
If your PIN is correct, then the screen will appear "appli-".
If the new PIN Key BCA wrong then the screen will show "FAIL".
Then press the triangle button again to repeat the process.
To turn off Key BCA, you can press triangle again.
Well, PIN change already, now it's time you activate the key BCA:

Click Login to BCA. If no please activation in the ATM, just follow the menu at the ATM.
Select Menu Administration - Activation KeyBCA.
Enter No. Your ATM card in ATM card column (no ATM card in your ATM card (no spaces) or on the slip that you can be earlier).
In Column No.. Key Series No. BCA input. Series KeyBCA you are diSlip earlier.
Then you'd take the Key BCA, turn on, enter the PIN wait until a "appli-".
Then press the "1", wait a while until a code number.
Now enter the code number is the last dikolom Activation Form earlier.
Click the send / submit.

Activation Process Done, Good .... You can now transact OL. : Thumbsup:.
Not hard right?

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